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Invictus saddle pad "Equality"

The "Equality" Pad from Invictus is optimally suited for horses with chronically tense backs or submuscles. As it is only 1.5 cm thick, the rider is close to the horse and has an optimal communication with him. The upper side of the saddle pad is made of a microfibre fabric which is non-slip and thus ensures a secure and stable seat of the saddle. The underside is made of a breathable high-tech spacer fabric, which does not store heat and moisture, so that you can ride on warm days and the horse is still comfortable. The special feature of this pad is the D3O® Smart Material Technology, which means that the pad contains a flexible polymer with molecules that react to pressure energies. When pressure is applied, the molecules contract and form an area that optimally disperses pressure and impact. As soon as the pressure decreases, the molecules are immediately released again. Another advantage of this pad are the small pockets in which memory foam inserts are placed to compensate for small saddle fit problems. Included in the price is a set of 4 front and rear inserts.


  • D3O® Smart Material Technology
  • Top side: Microfibre fabric
  • Underside: high-tech spacer fabric
  • Insoles: Phylon Material
  • Breathable
  • Non-slip
  • Shock absorbing