Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here!

It's time to start looking for the perfect gifts for your friends, family, and most importantly horses. Whether you are an equestrian who wants to treat your horse (and yourself), or a friend or loved one of an equestrian and have no idea where to begin our gift guide has you covered. From sweaters, to toys, to custom products we have you covered for all your gifting needs.

1. What are the Best Gifts for Horses?

When it comes to spoiling your beloved horse, there are plenty of options to choose from.

- Consider getting them a cozy stable sheet or a durable sheet to keep them warm in the pasture. Baker, Eskadron, and Pessoa have you covered for all your blanket and sheet needs. To see our vast selection of sheets and blanket click here.

- You can also surprise them with a new toy to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated. Kentucky's stable toy is the perfect touch to any horse's stall. When the horse puts pressure on the toy’s belly, it produces a cracking plastic sound, a sound that intrigues the horses very much. Click here if you think your horse would love a stall buddy.

- For the ultimate personalized touch, why not go for a custom-made product or a personalized name plate. From custom bonnets, embossed leather girths, to bridle tags ourr custom shop has you covered. 

2. What are the Must-Have Gifts for Equestrians?

If you're shopping for an equestrian, there are a few essentials that they will surely appreciate.

- Socks! While there may be a long running joke about receiving socks as a gift, equestrians, unlike many, love receiving them. You can always use another pair and there is no such thing as having too many. Whether you are shopping for youth or adult riders we have you covered. From cute printed socks by Dreamers and Schemers to soft and durable socks from brands like Cavalleria Toscana, Pikeur, Horse Pilot, Struck and many more. Want to give a practical gift? Click here.

- A high-quality pair of riding gloves is always a great choice. Even if a rider doesn't need gloves currently, they probably will very soon. Inconspicuously ask your equestrian friend what size gloves they wear and you will be a highly ranked gift giver this year! Click here to shop gloves. 

- Another fantastic gift idea is a stylish and functional riding helmet. Safety should always come first, and a well-fitted helmet is a must-have for any equestrian. If you don't know their size maybe purchase a gift card for them to shop for one in store or online. Click here to shop our wide selection of helmets. 

3. How to Choose the Perfect Sweater for an Equestrian?

When it comes to sweaters, equestrians have specific needs. Luckily all of our sweaters are selected with typical equestrian activities in mind. Our sweaters are made from breathable materials and designs that allow for freedom of movement. Click here to shop all of our sweaters.  

4. Where to Find Unique and Custom Equestrian Products?

If you're looking for one-of-a-kind gifts, we have plenty of options for custom products.

- If you're looking for a practical custom gift engraved products are always the way to go. From custom name plates, bridle tags, to stall plates we have you covered.

- A fan favorite in our custom department are the Angel Whips. They are leather crops with customizable colors on the stick. The options are truly endless whether you want sparkles or neon Angel Whips can do just about anything.  

- Custom helmets are definitely the most coveted custom product we offer. Currently we offer customizeable Kask, Samshield, and Suomy helmets. Whether you are looking for a bedazzled sparkly number, colors to match your barn, or flags to show your pride these companies have a wide variety of custom options. 

Are You Ready for the Holiday Craziness?

Whether you're shopping for your horse or an equestrian in your life, our gift guide has you covered. From practical essentials to personalized treasures, there's something for everyone. Get ready to spread holiday cheer and make the equestrians and equines in your life feel truly loved and appreciated!

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