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Horses love the Acavallo® Sensitive Bit for many reasons. Made of an innovative, hypoallergenic plastic material over an integrated, flexible steel cable reinforcement, this bit is neither heavy nor cold like metal bits. It allows for a soft, yet secure communication with the horse.

Some riders select the Sensitive Bit for the schooling of young horses and for the correction of difficult horses. Features include:

– Slightly arched and flattened mouthpiece. This ensures that pressure on tongue, bars and corners of the mouth is distributed evenly.

– One-piece of design mouthpiece and rings. This prevents a one-sided squeezing or pinching of tongue or bars, and can help reduce painful irritations to the horse’s palate by eliminating the “nutcracker” effect.

The overall design of this bit can help enhance confidence of the horse in the rider’s hands because of its quiet and comfortable positioning in the mouth, which helps the horse to find its own balance.

Made in Italy.