Equifit Front Equitation Boots

Equifit Equitation Front Boots

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New equitation boots from EquiFit! The Eq-Teq Front Boots are sleek, sophisticated, comfortable, and, most important, protective. The EverLeather outer shell is molded in an anatomical shape for best fit while its nearly unbreakable inner lining absorbs shock. EverLeather is EquiFit's amazing nylon/microfiber/polyester material that looks like leather and wears like iron. It resists scratches, scrapes, punctures and tears and stays gorgeous with minimal maintenance.

New ImpacTeq Peel Away liners have removable squares which allow you to take out sections of the liner as needed to achieve a custom fit for your horse. This remarkable feature accommodates horses with leg growths, wounds, unusual leg shape, and other fit issues. Please note, the squares cannot be replaced once they are removed from the liner. 

The entire liner is removable for washing so boots stay clean and fresh. ImpacTeq liners have a 2- layer design. The defensive foam layer firms to create a protective shield upon impact, then softens again immediately. The second layer is an air mesh for cooling, circulation, and air flow. Together, these layers mold to the horse's leg for a perfect fit every time.
The three elastic straps with hooks are comfortable and adjustable. The outer elastic is plain black while the inside sports EquiFit's distinctive black and white stripes. The plastic tabs are cleverly designed to make it easier to put on the boots and take them off. The tab edge closest to the velcro strap allows you to hook your finger on it to help pull the tab across to the closure. It's those little things that make a big difference sometimes! Lovely all-black open front horse boots are ideal for the equitation ring as well as the jumpers.