Equifit Back Equitation Boots

Equifit Equitation Hind Boots

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New Eq-Teq Hind Boots from EquiFit!  The Eq-Teqs are solid black horse boots that are perfect for the equitation ring as well as jumpers. Beautiful and protective horse ankle boot provides outstanding EquiFit protection combined with luxurious good looks. Hind boots have an EverLeather anatomically molded outer shell with an incredibly strong shock absorbing liner.
EverLeather is EquiFit's fantastic leather-look material created from an incredibly durable nylon/microfiber/polyester blend. It resists scratches, scrapes, punctures and tears and stays gorgeous with minimal maintenance.

The new removable ImpacTeq liners are washable to keep them looking and performing their best. Liners can be customized to fit your horse's legs thanks to a grid of removable squares. If your horse has an anomaly, a wound, or is difficult to fit, remove the squares in the area needing more room. Please note, the squares cannot be replaced once they are removed.
ImpacTeq liners have a 2- layer design. The defensive foam layer firms to create a protective shield upon impact, then softens again immediately. The second layer is an air mesh for cooling, circulation, and air flow. Together, these layers mold to the horse's leg for a perfect fit and superior comfort every time.
Eq-Teq Boots black elastic straps. The plastic tabs are cleverly designed to make it easier to put on the boots and take them off. The tab edge closest to the velcro strap allows you to hook your finger on it to help pull the tab across to the closure. Breathable boots keep legs cooler and promote circulation.