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Freejump stirrups Soft UP Classic model. The new Freejump stirrup designed specifically for women, the result of a collaboration with Pénélope Leprevost and the Italian designer Pininfarina, the new Free jump stirrups system has a slightly reduced size, accommodating up to a foot measuring EU 39. Stirrup width 116mm and 72mm depth. Comfort and exceptional performance.
Technical features:
1. Open / suitable attachment for use with single freejump brackets.
2. 9 treated studs (worn studs can be replaced).
3. Spring plate overmoulded with an elastomer.
4. Flexible external branch (can be replaced if damaged).
5. Extra deep carbon platform.
Better shock absorption capacity. Reduces the tension of each bracket by two thirds and relieves pressure on the rider's joints and on the back of the horse, thanks to the new geometry of the branch. 3 times more cushioning than a traditional bracket. The center of gravity is set towards the front. This causes a backward movement of the platform which encourages the rider to keep the heels low. Wide carbon footrest, inclined studs: a 12% larger support surface relieves pressure points on the arch of the foot.
Designed so that the pressure from the foot opens if a rider is dragged by his horse.