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Trust Leather Loose Ring Bit

The loose ring bit with a leather mouthpiece is handmade by Trust. The core of this bit is made of reinforced nylon and is covered with a leather which is tanned without chemicals. The saliva softens the leather bit and it adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the horse's mouth. Loose ring has loose rings so that the riders aids arrive more indirectly. The bit can move freely in the mouth, which makes it very well accepted by many horses. Thanks to the leather, this bit is also suitable for horses that first have to learn to trust a sensitive rider's hand. This bit is also very suitable for horses that are sensitive to mouths. To keep the leather bit soft and supple, it should be greased regularly with olive oil.

The bit must be fitted so that the seam faces the mouth opening. As it is a soft material, traces of use may occur due to the horse's teeth. These do not represent a quality defect.

  • core made of reinforced nylon
  • grease regularly with olive oil
  • soft leather
  • tanned without chemicals
  • ring diameter: 7,5 cm