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Trust convinces with its versatile application possibilities, as depending on the position of the reins, a different effect is achieved. The cheek piece is attached to the upper half ring and the reins can be positioned on the large ring or the lower half ring. If a leverage effect is desired, the reins must be attached to the lower half ring. If you want to apply pressure so that the horse lowers its head, use the large ring for the reins. The ljinted mouthpiece exerts pressure mainly on the interdental space and sides of the tongue. It also has a Sweet Iron alloy which oxidises and forms rust on contact with moisture. Rust tastes sweet to horses, so it naturally stimulates chewing and saliva production.

Note: When not in use, a thin layer of orange-brown rust will develop on the mouthpiece, this can be removed with a damp cloth and is not a quality defect!


  • jointed
  • ring diameter: 9,0 cm
  • versatile application possibilities
  • stimulation of saliva production
  • 2 integrated half rings