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Garter Straps for kids are here to save the show day! Getting your young child ready for their horse show class just got a lot easier. The look of puzzlement while staring at a long jodhpur garter strap is familiar to show moms and dads. How does this go on? 

Convenient horse show accessory for children couldn't be easier to use. Simply open the hook and loop strip and wrap the garter just below the knee, then close the strap. Voila, your child is ready to rock the crossrails! Cleverly designed jodhpur garter looks like a traditional double wrapped garter strap - the arranging is already done for you. So easy to put on and take off, your child will be able to do it on their own leaving you free to re-do bows or straighten a tie. In black synthetic leather with silver color buckle.

Size guideline:

  • Extra Small for calf up to 9"
  • Small for calf 9"-11"
  • Medium for calf 11"-13"
  • Large for calf 13"-15"